Well, in one regard, the Mayans said there was a cyclical nature to the world ending (about every 4,800 and something years). It happened four times before in their lore. So the 5th time is supposed to end around next year. By earthquakes. That is more convincing than one of the other ones (blood rain), but still all… » 12/21/11 4:49pm 12/21/11 4:49pm

So far, I've only gotten to Whiterun (Don't worry,it's because there are other things on), and yes, I agree. Adrienne is one of the nicest people in the game so far. I mean, she makes a sword for the Jarl, and I was being suspicious for a minute (the Jarl's a nice enough guy as well) but I was just being silly. As… » 12/07/11 11:56am 12/07/11 11:56am

I don't really hate Nintento. Though I never really liked Mario (honestly, this is probably due to when I was first gaming), I do like Zelda and Pokemon, and I haven't played Metroid, Star Fox or AC long enough to say much about them. While I think Pokemon could do with a 3D (not as in 3DS) version, and know it'll… » 11/08/11 11:49am 11/08/11 11:49am